Your First Visit

American Dental Association Recommendations

Most people should visit our dentists for preventive dental care every six months. However, people with a high risk of developing cavities may need to visit more often. The doctors at Tamarac Dental Care can help you determine how often you need to visit for preventive dental care.

Preparing for the first visit

The first visit to our office is very important and our goal is to make a memorable first impression!

Upon entering the office, you will be greeted immediately by our friendly staff. Our front staff will check you in and make sure all appropriate paperwork is filled out. Next, our skilled dental hygienists or dental assistants will bring you to your dental chair. We will then review all your medical/dental history and talk about what you hope to accomplish at your visit with us.

With approval from one of our doctors, the necessary x-rays will be taken. One of our doctors will then perform a thorough examination of the oral cavity including your gums, tongue, throat, teeth, etc. We will spend sufficient time with you reviewing the cavity process, diet, hygiene, fluoride exposure and much more! We will also review if we found any cavities, discuss a treatment plan, and review all options available to provide an enjoyable patient experience.

If it is determined a regular cleaning is needed by our doctors and hygienists, the cleaning will be completed the same day!

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Tamarac Dental Care has provided an unbeatable standard of care for all of our valued patients. It is important for us to provide the most up-to-date, proven treatment options available in the industry, while maintaining the one-on-one relationship our office strives for. Our hygienists and doctor listen to your concerns and wishes, as well as prescribe your treatment options so that you can be an informed participant in your dental health. We look forward to treating you and having you join our dental family!